Woolwarehouse has with their large range something for everyone. The are providing our members with a discount which makes our pennies reach even further.

Wool Warehouse is still owned and run by Holly and Andy, who set up the company. Although the business has gradually developed to a point where much of our business is now online, we are still a physical bricks-and-mortar retailer, and you can still visit and buy yarn from us at our premises in Leamington Spa.

Unlike the two largest online yarn retailers in the UK (you can probably guess who they are!), which are both owned, or part-owned, by private equity or venture capital investment companies, we are very proud to be an independent retailer.


Three Bears Yarn have been great for our members. With a members discount our members have enjoyed using the DK yarn for our octopuses and jellyfish. Delivery and customer service is top notch. We find that the 4ply yarn is slightly too thin, but the DK is perfect for our purpose!

Three Bears Yarn was founded in 2015 out of Blackburn Yarn Dyers Ltd. We have been producing high quality dyed yarns since 1915 from our Lancashire base.

We decided to create the brand Three Bears Yarn, because we want to offer a finished dyed yarn both domestically and commercially. Whilst Blackburn Yarn Dyers have been commission yarn dyers for over 100 years, we wanted to offer a service of dyed yarns of our own.

Three Bears Yarn use the local network that we have in the Pennines, England, of yarn suppliers, spinners, doublers and ballers (as well as other supplies such as label printing and box making)! We do this because we want to guarantee the highest quality and integrity that you’d expect from a UK textile product.


Purple Sheep Yarn kindly donates drops yarn to us and members who order from them are very complementary on the quick delivery and excellent service. Jill and Jeremy are very friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. They really know their yarn!

We are a small, family run, online yarn shop based in the seaside town of Southport, UK.

Our aim is to supply you, our customer with high quality yarn at a reasonable cost and to get it to you as quickly as possible.

We have chosen Drops yarns because of the natural fibres and the array of wonderful colours and textures. Drops yarns are also supported by over 7,000 free knitting and crochet patterns which are hosted on their website www.garnstudio.com

We stock every single colour of all the lines we run because we want your choice to be as wide as possible. We also stock the full range of Drops needles and buttons which, like the yarns are great quality at affordable prices.


Thomas B. Ramsden and Co – A massive thank you to Thomas for supporting our project with a large donation of Wendy Supreme 4ply and DK. We are beyond words of the generosity!

Thomas B. Ramsden and Co. (Bradford) Ltd. is a family business with a proud history stretching back over 120 years. Originally founded in Bradford and Wakefield as a yarn spinner the company is now based in Guiseley on the north side of Leeds. We are predominately a hand knitting business and although we don`t spin anymore we do still retain a balling mill. We have 5 principle hand knitting yarn brands, erika knight, Wendy, Peter Pan, Twilleys of Stamford and Robin. We support our yarns with in house designs both in leaflet and book form. We also supply a range of haberdashery as well as traditional needlecraft and knitting/crochet kits.


octopus intelligence started donating the bags the octopuses travel to hospital in and then built the website and pay for the domain charges. octopus are the Nottingham based global Competitive Intelligence Agency.

We are octopus. Answering the questions you need to ask.What are your competitors planning to do next? Where can you win more business? What should your next move be? How do you minimise risk?

Every business has lots of questions. If you’re looking to grow, yours will be the same. octopus has unrivalled experience in finding the answers to all these questions, and to any other question your business needs to ask.